Project Description

Frits Bussemaker
D1G1T4L C0NN3CT0R / Community Builder


This presentation will go into how the digital transition is causing a shift from a Command-and-Control to a Connect-and-Collaborate society. How organizations are transformed from silos to networked communities. Why is it happening? This presentation will include numerous examples and will give guidelines how can make that shift themselves.


Bussemaker has been working in the International ICT industry since the 80s. He is focused on linking Information Technology, Innovation and Impact. He is the founder and chair of the ‘Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age’ working closely with UN agencies UNESCO and ITU. From 2010 till 2018 he was the Secretary General International Relations of CIONET. A network of over 7000 Digital Leaders cross industry and across Europe and South America. He was responsible for the relationship with international institutes like the European Commission. He initiated the Global Digital Leader Alliance linking over 20.000 Digital Leaders from the China, Europe, India, Japan, Russia, South America and the US. He participated in international workgroups of the European Commission developing eSkills and eLeadership. He sits on the advisory board of a number of (international) organizations including the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM), the Global Industry Council of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), an UNESCO based organization, Digital Africa, BPM-Forum (Netherlands), IPBPM (Portugal), the WCIT2010 (Amsterdam), WCC2012 (Amsterdam), WCF2104 (Xian), the FSRoundtable FinTech Ideas Festival (San Francisco) and ITU’s ‘Ai for Good Global Summit’. He has organized numerous international IT related conferences including ‘The Hague Summit for Accountability and Internet Democracy’ where he was the program director. He is a regular speaker and chair at international IT events and has spoken in Australia, China, Europe, South Korea and the United States. He has an MSc from Delft University.